This was my first tattoo, it was done by Freddy of Ink Shop. Zero is more to me than just a cool movie character, Zero is the nickname that one of my teachers gave me and I just thought it was really clever. When I started thinking about getting tattoos, Zero was always the idea that stuck with me. I’m really happy with the way that this came out and I’m stoked to see how the rest of my Nightmare Before Christmas piece turns out.


Lord Kanti Tattoo from the anime FLCL (FOOLY COOLY). Done by Robbie Hernandez at 7 Shangri-Las Art Emporium, in the united states, New Burgh Indiana. their facebook. https://www.facebook.com/7Shangrilas


Watercolor rose tattoo done by,. Myke Clifton at Epic Ink in Auburn, IN

Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.

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Taylor Curry


These images were created by photographer Taylor Curry without a camera, using a process known as Cliché-Verre.

“The Cliche-Verre, to me, is quite literally Nature as the Negative. The items are placed directly onto a 4×5 or 8×10 glass plate. Using the color enlarger, I project the specimen onto 8×10 color film, RA-4 Color paper or Polaroid film capturing the image.



Drawing a #gorgon in my style 👌#dahliaart #tattoo #greekmythology

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the-smokingcaterpillar:hey it’s me 




This was so much work, so please don’t steal.

My life energy

This person took 100 different photos and carefully put them together into a gif. Needless to say, they are truly living up to their URL.

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Women wear heels now so we don’t have to step in the blood of our enemies

Reblogging for that comment

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